Icerays UV Sleeves. New Zealand's best selling, fully tested and certified sun protection sleeve

New Zealand's best selling UV Sleeve.


New Zealanders love the sun but have become more and more skin cancer conscious over recent years due to the high rates of skin cancer and melanoma. Millions of dollars have been invested into research in this preventable disease and IceRays has emerged as the best new product over the last few years.

New Zealand is now the worlds leading authority on skin cancer prevention and at the forefront of the fight against skin cancer. These new and innovative sleeves are the best selling sleeves in New Zealand and now you can try them too.

Golf Professional, Anne Rollo, loves her IceRays and no longer wears sunscreen on her arms.

Cool and comfortable alternative to hot long sleeves or sticky sunscreen, fully UV tested and certified by the Australian Government body ARPANSA.

Get the best of New Zealand skin cancer prevention where ever you live.


IceRays are a fantastic alternative.

  • Icerays are super lightweight, cool and comfortable
  • No more toxic sunscreen on your arms
  • No risk of getting burnt through forgetting to reapply or missing areas of your skin
  • Suitable for any outdoor activity
  • Pop them on yourself or the kids at the beach, or at weekend sport, no more chasing them around with the sunscreen
  • No need to reapply throughout the day, you are fully UV protected all day long.
  • Pull the sleeves on and off as you need them, easy slip on and off
  • Comfortable and cool, as the breeze blows the unique Tactel/Spandex fabric cools the skin, they really work.
  • Fully tested and certified to be 50+ by the Australian Government Radiation testing body ARPANSA
  • A great array of 7 different colors to choose from.
  • Hand washable

IceRays are great for:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Fishing
  • Horse Riding
  • Sailing
  • Gardening
  • Kayaking
  • Driving the car
  • Hanging out the washing
  • Any outdoor activity you can think of
  • Even covering tattoos if you need to